Why do you need social media insurance influencers insurance

Social Media Influencer Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from lawsuits that say that you used something without permission. You can also get it for other things, like if someone thinks you copied their idea. 

Insurance for social media influencers protects against people saying things about you that are not true. This is called libel. It also protects you from people saying bad things about your character, which is slander. It also helps protect your privacy if someone posts a picture of you or something private about your life. 

Many people on social media can say what they want, but that does not mean that what they say is always true. This is why some influencers get a type of insurance to protect themselves. It might be worth looking into this for you too because with your audience sometimes totaling more than a thousand people, you have power and need protection. 

Note: If you delete a post, it will still exist. It is not enough to just delete it.

Who needs social media influencers insurance  

*Vloggers (video Bloggers) 
*Bloggers Thought Leader 
*Key Influencers 
*Sports Personalities 
*Public Figures 
*Founders & Senior Company Directors  

Coverage Highlights

social media is not limited to a single country and is seen by fans all over the world, it has worldwide jurisdiction.  

Commercial broad form for buildings and contents 

Commercial form extensions include:

Computer Equipment 
Camera Equipment 
Earthquake and Flood 
Master Key 
Extra Expense 
Business Interruption 
Crime Coverage extension to Include Boiler and Machinery 

CGL LIMITS UP TO CAD $5,000,000    

CGL extensions include: 
Errors and Omissions 
Advertising Liability 
Libel and Slander 
Breach of Intellectual Rights 
Breach of Confidentiality 
Employee Benefit Liability 
Tenants Legal Liability 
Medical Payments 
Personal and Advertising Liability 
Employment Practice Liability 
Products Recall Expense  
Faulty Workmanship 

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